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6ix9ine – DAY69: Graduation Day [iTunes][2018]

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6ix9ine – DAY69: Graduation Day [iTunes][2018]

4 months ago
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6ix9ine - DAY69: Graduation Day itunes

New Album By 6ix9ine – DAY69: Graduation Day iTunes Version

03.RONDO Ft. Tory Lanez & Young Thug
10.GUMMO (REMIX) Ft. Offset

22 Replies to “6ix9ine – DAY69: Graduation Day [iTunes][2018]”

  1. Finally some real hip hop on this site. I’m so tired of all this 2pac, Nate Dogg and Corn Dogg crap music. This album is what we’ve all been waiting for!!

  2. Lyrically AND vocally he is the best to ever pick up a mic, period! Stopping hating on him just because he’s a real gangster and you ain’t about shit, bitch. So what if he was a crip and now he’s a blood. That just means he’s twice as gangster. You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about so get the fuck outta here you cunt.

  3. I suck so much vagina my dick is on fire I use to fuck niggas to make my penis hard I love u macky I love u macky then I got got boi with it and I suck some more dick

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