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Ampichino & Shoboat – Dead Presidents 2 [2017]

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Ampichino & Shoboat – Dead Presidents 2 [2017]

10 months ago
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Ampichino & Shoboat - Dead Presidents 2

New Album By Ampichino & Shoboat – Dead Presidents 2

01.Dp2 Intro
02.So Long
04.Celebrate the Game (feat. Young Bossi)
05.Push Like That (feat. Freeze)
06.What the Hustlas Do
08.Do or Die (feat. Big Scoob)
09.Whole Lotta Money
10.Round Table (feat. Yukmouth, Young Bossi, Chino Nino, K – Skrilla & P – Hustle)
11.Get It off Top (feat. Bird Money)
12.Can’t Fuck with Us (feat. Lil Rue, Smiggz & Dwight)

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5 Replies to “Ampichino & Shoboat – Dead Presidents 2 [2017]”

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