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David Banner – Mississippi: The Album [iTunes]

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David Banner – Mississippi: The Album [iTunes]

1 year ago
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David Banner – Mississippi: The Album iTunes Download

David Banner – Mississippi: The Album iTunes

01. Intro
02. What It Do (ft. Smoke D)
03. Might Getcha (ft. Lil Jon)
04. Like a Pimp (ft. Lil’ Flip)
05. Whoremonger
06. Fuck ‘Em (ft. Pastor Troy)
07. Mississippi
08. Cadillac on 22’s
09. Fast Life (ft. Ax)
10. Choose Me (ft. Sky)
11. Really Don’t Wanna Go (ft. B-Flat, Marcus)
12. So Trill
13. My Shawty (ft. Fiend)
14. Phone Tap
15. Bush
16. Bring It On (ft. J Da Groover, Mississippi Shawty)
17. Still Pimpin’ (ft. Marcus, Kamikaze)
18. Outro
19. Fire Falling

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