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The Diplomats – Diplomatic Immunity [iTunes]

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The Diplomats - Diplomatic Immunity iTunes

The Diplomats – Diplomatic Immunity iTunes

1. Un Casa (featuring Camron and Un Casa) 3:37
2. Juelz Santana (Interlude) featuring Freekey Zeekey and Jimmy Jones) 0:56
3. Who I am (featuring Juelz Santana) 4:18
4. Ground Zero (featuring Camron Jimmy Jones and Juelz Santana) 5:13
5. Real Niggas (Interlude) 1:28
6. Real Niggas (featuring Camron Jimmy Jones and Juelz Santana) 3:46
7. Have You Seen Juelz Santana (Interlude) 0:44
8. More than Music (featuring Juelz Santana) 4:07
9. Beautiful Noise (featuring Camron and Jimmy Jones) 4:39
10. Dipset Anthem (featuring Camron and Juelz Santana) 4:08
11. Hey Ma (remix) featuring Juelz Santana and Toya 5:16
12. Hell Rell (Interlude) 2:02
13. This is What I Do (featuring Camron and Hell Rell) 4:05
14. Gangsta (featuring Juelz Santana) 5:13
15. Hell Rell Freestyle 1:45
16. I Really Mean it (featuring Camron and Jimmy Jones) 4:21
17. My Love (featuring Freeway and Juelz Santana) 3:21
18. I Love You (featuring Camron and Juelz Santana) 4:11
19. Purple Haze (featuring Camron) 4:37
20. The First (featuring Camron Jimmy Jones and Juelz Santana) 4:54
21. Juelz Santana The Great (featuring Juelz Santana) 4:57
22. DJ Enuff Freestyle 5:11
23. Whats Really Good (featuring Camron Jimmy Jones Juelz Santana and DMX) 6:01
24. I'm Ready (featuring Camron Jimmy Jones and Juelz Santana) 4:41
25. Bout it Bout it part III (featuring Camron Jimmy Jones and Master P) 5:20
26. Built this City (featuring Camron Jimmy Jones and Juelz Santana 6:03
27. Lets Go (featuring Camron and Hell Rell) 2:02

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