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Giggs – Wamp 2 Dem [iTunes][2017]

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Giggs – Wamp 2 Dem [iTunes][2017]

10 months ago
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Giggs – Wamp 2 Dem itunes

New Mixtape By Giggs – Wamp 2 Dem iTunes Version

01.Gully Niggaz
02.Ultimate Gangsta
03.Straight Lifestyle
04.Times Tickin Ft. PopCaan
05.The Essence
06.Linguo Ft. Donae’o
07.Gangstas & Dancers Ft. Lil Duke & Young Thug
08.Moist Pussy
09.50 Cali
10.Outsiders Ft. Footsie & D Double E
11.Horror Movie
12.Peligro Ft. Dave

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