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Lil Dallas – Prison Celebrity [2017]

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Lil Dallas - Prison Celebrity

New Album By Lil Dallas – Prison Celebrity

01.Time (feat. Trey5 Moneybagz & 100 Shotz)
02.Baggage Claim (feat. 100 Shotz & Dc Baby Draco)
03.100 Emoji (feat. 100 Shotz)
04.Go Fund Me (feat. 100 Shotz (Single)]
05.Shootin’ Guard (feat. 100 Shotz)
06.Reloaded (feat. Juliano Santiago, 100 Shotz & Bvndz)
07.Nobody Else (feat. Celly Ru)
08.Red Lip (feat. 100 Shotz)
09.Speak Up (feat. Trey5 Moneybagz, 100 Shotz & Kazh Zhotta)
10.I Ain’t Playin’ (feat. Celly Ru & Hus Mozzy)
11.Headshotz (feat. Juliano Santiago, 100 Shotz & Jroq)
12.Way More Chopz
13.Suicidal Thoughts (feat. Trey5 Moneybagz)

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