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Lil Wayne – Dedication 6 [2017]

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Lil Wayne – Dedication 6 [2017]

8 months ago
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Lil Wayne - Dedication 6 MP3

New Mixtape By Lil Wayne – Dedication 6

01.Fly Away
02.Everyday we sick
03.Boyz 2 Menace Ft. Gudda Gudda
04.Eureka Ft. Hobbybaby
05.5 Star Ft. Nicki Minaj
06.Bank Account
07.Xo Tour Life Ft. Baby E
08.Let Em All In Ft. Euro & Cory Gunz
10.New Freezer Ft. Gudda Gudda
11.What’s Next Ft. Zoey Dollaz
12.Blackin Out Ft. Euro
14.My Dawg Ft. Hobbybaby
15.Yeezy Sneakers

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12 Replies to “Lil Wayne – Dedication 6 [2017]”

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