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Miguel – War & Leisure [iTunes][2017]

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Miguel – War & Leisure [iTunes][2017]

9 months ago
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Miguel - War & Leisure itunes

New Album By Miguel – War & Leisure iTunes Version

01. Criminal feat. Rick Ross
02. Pineapple Skies
03. Sky Walker feat. Travis Scott
04. Banana Clip
05. Wolf feat. QUIÑ
06. Harem
07. Told You So
08. City of Angels
09. Caramelo Duro feat. Kali Uchis
10. Come Through and Chill feat. J. Cole & Salaam Remi
11. Anointed
12. Now

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10 Replies to “Miguel – War & Leisure [iTunes][2017]”

  1. You fuckn homos do realize there is other fuckn music websites right??? We get it your broke..But quit being fuckn lazy and broke..You goddamn cock smoking fucks

  2. I wish Vanilla Ice would make a new album. I remember in the 90s when one day he was the shit. Great lyricist, good beats/production. He can dance so he was an excellent performer. Very likeable guy. Made some good music and sold a lot of albums (which the money was used to start Death Row Records). Then the next day, the entire planet turned their backs on him. For very stupid reasons.

    Fuck all that shit. Good music so who cares? Stupid.

    And those same people still listen to Michael Jackson music. But that motherfuckin monster molested children. Makes no sense. He wrote all of those love songs at Chuck E. Cheeses, that sick bitch….

  3. And lyrically he would run circles around that Eminem idiot. No joke. I never drank the cool aid. I hated that fuckin phony since the first time I heard him. Eminem is garbage. Period.

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