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Rocko – IGNANT [iTunes][2014]

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Rocko – IGNANT [iTunes][2014]

4 years ago
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Rocko – IGNANT iTunes

Rocko – IGNANT iTunes Download

01. Step On They Neck (Prod By Zaytoven)
02. All I Do (Prod By Sonny Digital)
03. Get The Fuck Outta Here (Prod By 808 Mafia)
04. She Say (Prod By 808 Mafia)
05. A Nudda Nigga Bih (Prod By Sonny Digital)
06. Disrespectful (Prod By 808 Mafia)
07. Get In Line (Prod By Jon Boi)
08. D.O.E (Prod By Scorp Dezel)
09. Turnt Out (Prod By DJ Plugg)
10. You On You (Prod By Ant Beats)
11. Say It To My Face (Prod By Sonny Digital)
12. Ignant (Prod By Zaytoven)
13. LUV (Prod By 808 Mafia Bonus)

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