E-40 and B-Legit – Connected and Respected [iTunes][2018]

E-40 and B-Legit - Connected and Respected album zip

New Album By E-40 and B-Legit – Connected and Respected

01. E-40 And B-Legit – Life Lessons (Feat. Stresmatic) (2:55)
02. E-40 And B-Legit – Straight Like That (Feat. Ocky) (3:20)
03. E-40 And B-Legit – Boy (Feat. P-Lo) (3:41)
04. E-40 And B-Legit – Guilty By Association (4:18)
05. E-40 And B-Legit – Carpal Tunnet (3:31)
06. E-40 And B-Legit – Stompdown (Skit 1) (0:21)
07. E-40 And B-Legit – Meet The Dealers (Feat. Stresmatic) (3:48)
08. E-40 And B-Legit – Get It On My Own (Feat. Ocky) (3:35)
09. E-40 And B-Legit – Up Against It (3:43)
10. E-40 And B-Legit – Fsho (Feat. JT The 4th) (2:18)
11. E-40 And B-Legit – Whooped (Feat. DecadeZ) (3:05)
12. E-40 And B-Legit – Tap In (Feat. Uncle Murda) (3:17)
13. E-40 And B-Legit – You Ah Lie (Feat. 4rAx) (4:30)
14. E-40 And B-Legit – Need To Know (Feat. Rexx Life Raj) (3:05)
15. E-40 And B-Legit – Stompdown (Skit 2) (0:26)
16. E-40 And B-Legit – Bare (2:23)
17. E-40 And B-Legit – Barbershop (Feat. Stresmatic) (3:37)
18. E-40 And B-Legit – Blame It (Feat. The Click) (2:26)
19. E-40 And B-Legit – So High (Feat. Prohoezak) (3:33)

E-40 – The D-Boy Diary Book 1 [2016]

E-40 – The D-Boy Diary Book 1

New Album By E-40 – The D-Boy Diary Book 1

01.Stack To The Ceiling
02.Straight To The Point (Ft. Ezale & G-Eazy)
03.Savage (Ft. B-Legit & Jazze Pha)
04.Puttin In Work
05.Mr. Arm And Hammer (Ft. Stresmatic)
06.Hunedz (Ft. Rick Rock)
07.Fired Up (Ft. Cousin Fik)
08.Bag On Me (Ft. K.D. Stunts)
09.Say So (Ft. iStevie)
10.Stay Away (Ft. Eric Bellinger)
11.Somebody (Ft. Ricco Barrino)
12.All Day (Ft. Gucci Mane)
13.The Grit Don’t Quit (Ft. Nef The Pharaoh)
14.Fake Lit (Ft. June Onna Beat)
15.Goon Music (Ft. Stresmatic)
16.Gangsta Song (Ft. Kent Jones)
17.Blessed By The Game
18.We Flip (Ft. Cousin Fik, Choose Up Cheese & Stresmatic)
19.I Had It In A Drought (Ft. Stresmatic)
20.Check (Ft. Willy Will)
21.Made It Out (Ft. Young Chu)

E-40 – The D-Boy Diary Book 2 [2016]

E-40 – The D-Boy Diary Book 2

New Album By E-40 – The D-Boy Diary Book 2

01.Bring Back The Sideshow (Ft. Mistah F.A.B. & Nef The Pharaoh)
02.Money (Ft. Mozzy & Jay Rock)
03.This Goin Up (Ft. Husalah & Turf Talk)
04.On One (Ft. AD)
05.Get Money Or Get Lost
06.Highway (Ft. B-Legit & TreSolid)
07.Sick Out Here (Ft. Droop-E)
08.Thank U (Ft. Willy Will)
09.Military Time (Ft. Salsalino & Baby Treeze)
10.Uh Huh (Ft. YV)
11.2 Seater (Ft. Kid Ink)
12.What It’s Gone Be (Ft. D-Day & Tamoya Bell)
13.How Do U Like That
14.I Know A Guy
15.All I Know (Ft. K Camp & Casey Veggies)
16.Waitin On A Play (Ft. Nicamari)
18.Broke Bitches (Ft. Joe Moses & Jay 305)
19.Flash On These Bitches (Ft. Lil B)
20.Too Many
21.Paid Off (Ft. Stresmatic)